when recognitoin backfires

The Dumpster Effect: When Your Recognition Program Backfires

Why do some recognition programs backfire?

How a Recognition Program Can Do More Harm Than Good

We had pulled into the parking lot for a wedding. We were staying on premium points (read that, free) for which I’m grateful, so I won’t disclose the hotel brand.

Parking was tight so we turned the corner. Right beside the dumpsters were several tables set up for a “recognition” luncheon for hotel staff. Full on signage included thanking them for their commitment to customers.

I was floored. I thought,

“Let me get this right…you’re events superstars. You work to make every bride’s and corporate meeting planner’s dream come true. Have you EVER suggested an event by the dumpster? Surely someday this week you have empty banquet rooms. What in the world would encourage you to lay out white tablecloths in the context of trash? What other options did you explore? Do you seriously expect the folks you’re recognizing to come back in and create magical, creative moments for your guests?”
Think twice.

Every ounce of recognition is inspired by good intentions.

Slow down. There’s a reason Santa checks twice.