Leadership Lessons from the Andy Griffith Show

What Would Andy Do?

Like so many Americans, I am feeling a bit of sadness and a touch of nostalgia at the news of Andy Griffith’s death today. His most famous role as Mayberry’s old-fashioned leader, makes us think of (or long for) a simpler time (although we all know no time is really simple).

“Do a good day’s work and act like somebody”
~ Andy Griffith

So, I dedicate this post to Andy Griffith, and some tidbits I may have picked up on leadership from watching his show:

  • Take time to understand the whole situation before reacting
  • When your partner is freaking out, get even calmer
  • With careful words, you don’t need a gun
  • Go slow and explain things
  • Empower others to do the right thing (even Otis would self-regulate under his leadership)
  • Have a really strong support team (I am still in search of an Aunt Bee)
  • It’s okay to take your kids to work now and then, let them understand what you do
  • And sometimes, your best bet is to say a prayer.