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5 secrets to effective conference calls

It’s easy to fool ourselves into the illusion that “just having a conference call,” instead of a face-to-face meeting or one-on-one, will save time. In fact, it’s that kind of thinking that leaves many managers moving from call to call with little time to connect with their team. In an attempt to salvage some productivity in their day, they put the phone on mute and try to get real work done at the same

Are Your Meetings Effective? Measure Your Meeting “Net Promoter Score” thumbnail

Do you run effective meetings? When was the last time someone left one of your meetings and told everyone, “that was a GREAT meeting. You’ve really got to come next time.” Do you have a good sense of what they are saying? Would they come if they had a choice? Many companies use the idea of the Net Promoter Score asking the “Ultimate Question” to measure their customer service. This