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Trickle Down Intimidation

Trickle Down Intimidation

Mark shuts the door and begins the emergency meeting. What he’s got to say isn’t easy, but these guys can handle it. That’s why they “get paid the big bucks.” He minces no words. Stock prices, competitive pressures, time to get it together. NOW. The intimidation factor is high. Fix it fast or else. He would NEVER speak this way to the front line. He’s an inspiring speaker and the

5 Ways to Drive Results Through Fear and Intimidation thumbnail

You’re on the fast track. You don’t need sustained results, you need quick wins. Results matter. You’ve got a review coming up. With a few simple tactics, you can get your organization performing in no time. You’ll be promoted and someone else can deal with the fall out.

5 Ways to Drive Results Through Fear and Intimidation

1. Prey on their Insecurity

Employees are

A Question of Intimidation: Questions that Shut People Down thumbnail

Questions are powerful. They can motivate, and inspire deeper thinking. Great questions empower. Questions can also intimidate, frustrate and shut down people down. The most dangerous are those where the leader already “knows” the answer and is looking to see if the person will “get it right.” Closed ended questions can have a similar impact, if the leader only wants to hear “yes”