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Why Costumes Work at Work

Why Costumes Work at Work thumbnail

As luck would have it, this Halloween finds me in my home office. It hits on a Friday which typically means writing and development… no keynotes, no consulting gigs, no teaching the MBAs… sadly no reason to wear a costume.  In fact the next few Halloweens are on weekends– great for kids, terrible for dressing up as your favorite leadership message (yes, that’s me on the left). Your next

Want Great Customer Service? Call A Vampire thumbnail

If you need to contact a customer service call center, today would be a good day. You will likely get great customer service. Employees will be happy, spirits will be high. Oh, and the pictures will be fantastic. From my experience and in talking to leaders in call centers across the industry, today the phones will be answered by vampires, zombies, clowns, and pirates. There will be joy in their voices, a skip in