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karin caring 6 300x300 Transferable Skills:  Yes,Youre QualifiedYou want to try something new, but it’s scary.  Transferable skills sound great in theory, but when it’s a major career change, it’s hard to know.  

A Story of Transferable Skills

Joseph Henley was a rock star customer service consultant on my team.  As we met to talk career, his passion for International relations was palpable.  As I listened to his story, I knew there was only one thing to say

“Joseph, I’m hearing your heart calling you elsewhere.  I will help you broaden your experience and build your skills.  But as much as I would hate to lose you, what I’d hate more is for you to not follow your dreams.”

He followed his heart, sold his belongings, and moved overseas.  Yesterday, he wrote me a follow-up note.  He noticed what mattered to him and found a way to leverage his transferable skills.  Here’s his story. Continue Reading…

iStock 000000310784XSmall The Danger of Knowing Exactly What You Want“We all have possibilities we don’t know about. We can do things we don’t even dream we can do.”

Dale Carnegie 

Kerri knows exactly what she wants in her “some day” husband.  He’s her intellectual peer, has common interests, and is hot– like her.  She’s got big plans for her large hypothetical family.  She’s convinced Mr. Right is right around the corner.  She only looks up when he matches the picture on her vision board.

She doesn’t date much.

It happens in careers too.

Have a vision, mind-map your life, set goals, make plans, get up earlyhustle.   Without direction, you’ll under-achieve. With over-direction you’ll destroy your potential.

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eggs1 300x200 How to Pick the Right Big GoalWant more success and fun for your team?   Try picking one BIG goal.

When looking to make a difference for the business, I always look for the “one big goal” that we can accomplish that will really make an impact. As Covey would say, what is your most “Wildly Important Goal”?  What will be dramatically different (better) after our team is done with it?  What needs to be transformed?

Of course, organizations are complex and it’s impossible to have a singular focus.  However, I have found that planning for one BIG success,  along with one or two other related goals, creates a clear path that is easy to follow.  You will know if you have accomplished this if years later, people are still talking about the contribution that team made.

4 Ways to Grow Your Goal

Pick the Right BIG Goal

  • What does the business need most?
  • What are others struggling to accomplish?
  • What do people think can’t be done?
  • What is this team best positioned to do?
  • Are you passionately personally committed to this?

Gain Alignment

  • Do your boss and other key stakeholders see this as vital (even if they don’t think it is doable)
  • Are at least a few strong and energetic people on your team aligned (I have found in real turnaround situations, it usually takes some time to get everyone there)
  • Develop a zealous engagement and communication plan
  • Reinforce the vision non-stop (I have been accused of being a “maniac” about the vision)
  • Create imagery to align with the goal (use it to tie everything together)

Engage the Team

  • Involve everyone in the planning and execution
  • Involve them more
  • Break the problem down into manageable pieces, celebrate every milestone
  • Celebrate the big contributors, have them teach others
  • Learn from your skeptics, that bring them in to help
  • Celebrate the skeptic turnaround stories
  • Communicate constantly on the subject

Recognize Every Little Win

  • Create a rally cry, celebrate every contribution and link it to the bigger picture
  • Pay attention to what is working everywhere you go
  • Make success easy to notice, celebrate loudly and everywhere
  • Stay the course
In a complicated world we must do many things well.  We must be “AND” leaders.  I have also found that it is much more fun to also pick the home run in advance and leave nothing on the field when playing toward that goal.

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