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How to Get Your Team Fired Up About a Change thumbnail

The minute I walked into their building, I could feel the excitement reverberating from the walls. Everyone was buzzing about the unveiling of their new company name, branding, and messaging. The IT Guy explained that they were “no longer” a start-up (true), and the designer clearly articulated how these changes were to take the company into the next phase of their growth. Everyone I spoke to was fired

5 Ways to Ensure Your New Program, System, or Idea Is Adopted thumbnail

From my perspective, the new system was genius. Instead of our enterprise customers typing in their service orders in an email for call center reps to retype them into our systems (which almost always contained errors) the customers now had an easy interface that would “flow through” to the backend systems. Faster, with higher quality, and an added bonus of working on weekends. Only one problem, the

change and transition

Welcome back to the  Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. June’s Festival is all about change and transitions. We have a record line-up of impressive thought leaders. Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx for their awesome pic (see right). Follow @joy_guthrie. A special thanks also goes to LGL intern Ben Evans.

Leading Change


9 Ways To Be A Positive Force In A Negative Workplace

My German Father-in-law would call trying to fix this negative workplace, Furzen gegen den Donner, farting against thunder. I’ve got to admit, the description I got on the other end of the phone was pretty bad: little to no recognition, development, or teamwork combined with long hours, limited resources, lots of finger-pointing, and the uncertainty of a new acquisition and consolidation. When my caller

4 Reasons Execution Breaks Down: and How to Fix It thumbnail

When execution is broken, so is leadership. Teams that don’t execute are starving. They crave vision and direction. Carrots don’t improve vision. Execution breaks down when there’s.. fuzzy vision lack of buy-in hidden agendas competing priorities confusion chaos apathy broken teamwork ? Don’t blame, punish, or make excuses. Lead better.

4 Reasons Execution Breaks Down (and what to do about

Chaos Curtailed: How To Shield Your Team

Chaos Curtailed: How To Shield Your Team thumbnail

I am a big believer in transparency. Transparency builds trust and creates a trusting and respectful work environment. Share vision. Share rationale. Share decision-making processes. Don’t share chaos. Trust me. I’ve learned this one the hard way. Sharing too much may make you feel better, but the stress multiplies as it rolls down hill. Resist the urge and learn to become a buffer.

How To Be Your Own Experiment

How To Be Your Own Experiment thumbnail

Have you made a New Year’s resolution? I am always astounded at how many folks tell me that their resolution is “the same as last year.” It’s often the same with our leadership. We read the books, we take the course, we build our action plans. We keep working on the same stuff, it gets better for a while and then we hit a snag. Perhaps we revert back to our old behavior. That’s when the

12 Turnaround Tactics

12 Turnaround Tactics thumbnail

Turnaround situations offer a great opportunity to lead. I had one mentor whose tongue in cheek advice was, when considering taking a new job “always look for the one where the guy before you was an idiot.” I get most excited when the situation is a big mess. In such scenes there seems to be more political latitude to make dramatic change. Rocking a sinking boat is more acceptable. Even when things look

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