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An Anatomy of the “User” Manager

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If you only care about next week’s results, bring in a User Manager. He’ll get it done. But watch out for the aftermath. You know the type–the kind of manager who works to win at all costs. The guy who’s “all business” or the woman who’s “got no time for that crap (meaning connection and understanding).” They’ve got their

Boss Says and Other Stupid Games “Leaders” Play thumbnail

Weak managers hide behind powerful. Wimpy leaders fear their own opinions. Teams can’t follow pass through. Be inspired by your boss. Understand their vision. Then, make it your own. Never play, “my boss says.” Copycats don’t inspire vision, build trust, motivate greatness, or develop anyone. Don’t enable teams to pull the “boss says” lever. As Kouzes and Posner explain

A Question of Intimidation: Questions that Shut People Down thumbnail

Questions are powerful. They can motivate, and inspire deeper thinking. Great questions empower. Questions can also intimidate, frustrate and shut down people down. The most dangerous are those where the leader already “knows” the answer and is looking to see if the person will “get it right.” Closed ended questions can have a similar impact, if the leader only wants to hear “yes”