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The Starting Point of Good Leadership (Bill Treasurer) thumbnail

Winning Well Connection

We first met Bill when he was publishing his first book– and I interviewed him to help share his message. Since then, we keep finding ourselves in the same leadership conversations and communities, and always enjoy connecting to share best practices. I love the way Bill taps into his own leadership experiences and stories to communicate the importance of confident

Create Customer Confidence By Delivering Consistent and Predictable Experiences (with Video) (Shep Hyken) thumbnail

Winning Well Connection

I first met Shep when we were both keynoting at International Customer Service Association conference in Florida. It was my very first external keynote (I was still working as an executive at Verizon) outside of Verizon and Shep was the incoming President of the National Speakers Association. I’ll never forget the moment he said, “So when are you going to do this for a

Walking the Talk of Leadership: It Has to be More than Skin Deep (Barbara Mannino) thumbnail

Winning Well Connection

I first met Barbara when she interviewed me during the launch of my first book, Overcoming an Imperfect Boss. Here’s a taste of some of the work we did together  Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Boss and 7 Tips to Turnaround Career Stagnation.   What I appreciate most in working with Barbara is that she truly role models the balance of results and relationships, working

The Importance of Relationship-Building in Today’s Leadership (Tanveer Naseer) thumbnail

Winning Well Connection

We’ve gotten to know Tanveer through his fantastic leadership writing and thought leadership over the years. He’s been a regular contributor to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival the last few years and a kindred spirit on blending the bottom line with the human spirit.

Relationships For Complex Times

Leadership today has certainly become a complex

Connection: We Feel Good When We Feel Connected (Shelley Row) thumbnail

Winning Well Connection

Shelley and I got to know one another through our Mastermind group at the National Speakers Association. I admire her strategic mind and warm heart along with her amazing resiliency and poise through the most challenging circumstances.

Feeling Good By Staying Connected

Is there someone you work with who could use a little motivation? Could you use a little motivation? You

6 Ways To Transform a Divisive Culture into a Winning Well Culture: (Chery Gegelman) thumbnail

Winning Well Connection

I really got to know Chery on our collaboration around the Energized Leadership book project. I admired her commitment and energy that led her to meet with us at 4 am to align with our time zone. She’s an adventurer with a kind and generous spirit. We truly enjoyed her amazing review of the story behind the story of Winning Well.  My husband and I just returned to the U.S

The Danger of Over-Confidence (Jeremy Kingsley) thumbnail

Winning Well Connection

Jeremy is one of those kindred spirits who just picks up the phone every now and then and says, “How’s it going? and How can I help?” He’s a great role model of confident humility and understands that the real competition is mediocrity–the more we help one another’s businesses to grow, the more collective impact we can have in the world. I’ve

How to Be the Best Leader You Can Be (May Busch) thumbnail

Winning Well Connection Reflection

May comes to us from London. We first got to know May when she invited us to share our Winning Well message in her Career Mastery Challenge. We’ve enjoyed getting to know her and the important work she is doing in the world. These days, being a leader is about your behavior, not your title. So, every day you and I have a golden opportunity to be the leader we want to

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