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Imagine a Keynote That TRANSFORMS Your Attendees
Long After the Event is Over

Imagine… your leaders returning from their leadership development and immediately reflecting on their new skills, to apply what they’ve learned, and to track what they’re doing differently over time.

The Learning Lab empowers you with a unique reinforcement system that boosts retention, and keeps the audience engaged with your content.

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It takes 30 days to change behavior.
A week before your event, your participants receive a quick text.
It’s your CEO with a brief welcome video followed by a poll (she’ll incorporate the results in her opening remarks).
Then after your fabulous event is over they get a text every three or four days—reinforcing key points, asking about behavior change, sharing a resource.
  • “What’s your biggest takeaway from the conference?”
  • ​“Which of the following micro-innovation techniques did you use this week?”
  •  “How did your courageous conversation go (scale of 1 -5)”
  • ​“Thought you’d love this article from Entrepreneur shared by our keynote speakers.”
The Learning Lab features micro-learning engagements, concept reinforcement, videos, assessments, encouragement, and gamification that are digitally delivered to participants’ mobile device (in the U.S) or email (globally) to ensure their event experience results in real-world transformation. Participants encounter their learning reinforcement in their natural workflow.
If your goal is to increase retention of key concepts learned during your event, then the steps you take after the event are possibly even more important than the event itself! 
What if that reinforcement were available for the 30 – 60 days it takes to create a new behavior?
And what if it only took 2 minutes every three or four days?
We will customize a program to produce lasting behavior change, energize your teams and transform results. Download more information to make your keynotes and conference have lasting impact.



Make It Relevant:

Sticky leadership training* includes information that is immediately actionable, and useful in our day-to-day lives. Connect the dots for your group by providing real-world stories, and realistic actions that can be applied in their context.

Reinforce the Learning:

Weekly reminders of key learnings, combined with clear, action steps enhance recall. Make a weekly connection to their current experience for meaningful lessons they will remember, and put into action. These “Booster Events” stimulate recall of the learned material, and help overcome the dreaded Forgetting Curve.**

Make it Interactive:

Interactive activities, questions, and challenges with reward can create a healthy competitive environment that taps into dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin production (associated with reward, happiness, confidence and being part of a group). Points systems and rewards for completion of the Learning Lab follow-up programs aid in retention.

This is what other event planners have said
about the Learning Lab.


We utilized Let’s Grow Leaders’ Learning Lab to further promote the day’s key messages – our leaders loved the opportunity to have this information sent directly to their phones. It has offered a new and creative medium to keep our audience engaged and connected to the day, long after the event occurred. 

Ashley, ProMedica

The Learning Lab takes your training to the next level, with a unique follow-up program for lasting influence.

So…what are you waiting for?