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It can feel like a rigged game. Managers face aggressive goals and drive their teams to burnout trying to deliver. Or, employees seek connection and support so managers focus on relationships…and fail to make the numbers. Join international best-selling leadership author David Dye for a conversation about practical leadership tools to help you get results – without losing your soul (or mind) in the process.

Get the tools you need to make a difference while you make the numbers. You'll hear from David, leadership & management thought-leaders, and guests including leaders from a wide variety of industries who are leading well. Tune in today and be the leader you'd want your boss to be.

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Conquering Leadership Misconceptions

Conquering Leadership Misconceptions – Interview with Rich Berens


Don’t allow outdated practices to keep you from motivating and engaging your people. In this interview with Rich Berens, CEO of Root Inc., we explore practical ways you can overcome common leadership blind spots. How do you maintain firm standards for a consistent and safe customer experience while also empowering your team to think and solve problems? How do you make it safe for people to tell the truth?

Blind Spots Book CoverGet answers to these questions and more as we discuss What Are Your Blind Spots? Overcoming the 5 Misconceptions That Hold Leaders Back



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Clarity Accountability Results in 5 Minutes

How to get Clarity, Accountability, and Results in Five Minutes


Have you ever left a meeting where everyone had great intentions – and then nothing happens? Don’t let that happen to you – it takes five minutes to get clarity, accountability, and results. You don’t even have to lead the meeting to make this happen.

Focus Time and Energy

How to Focus Your Time and Energy for Maximum Results


You don’t have enough time and energy for everything on your list – and you never will. Your ability to focus your time and energy is key to your success.

Focusing time and energy isn’t about managing time or the latest productivity system. It starts with your beliefs and one simple daily practice you can start today.

Leadership Unchained Sara Canaday Interview

Leadership Unchained Interview with Sara Canaday


The world has changed – has your leadership changed with it? Join me for an interview with Sara Canaday where we discuss conventional leadership wisdom that hurts you – and what to do instead. We dive into her latest book, Leadership Unchainedwhere you’ll get excellent resources to help know when to apply classic leadership principles. And when to break them.

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Leading vs Managing False Choices

Avoid Leadership False Choices – Leading vs Managing (and other mistakes)

When leadership gurus post a meme challenging you to be a leader, not a manager – don’t buy it. Get the tools you need to lead and manage effectively in every situation.

Trailer Leadership Without Losing Your Soul

Trailer – Leadership Without Losing Your Soul Podcast


Are you a manager or leader who wants a better way? If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to make a difference for your people and for the bottom line – then Leadership Without Losing Your Soul is the podcast for you.

Every week you’ll get practical leadership inspiration, tools, and strategies you can use right away to improve performance – without sacrificing your humanity, well-being, or your sanity.

I’m your host, David Dye, author of international best-seller Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul.

Tune in today and become the leader you’d want your boss to be.