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A Story Of Courage, Influence, And Hope

When magic disappears from the Brightwood Forest, Selvia decides she must do something to bring it back. No one trusts the Gnomes and fearsome creatures that live in the mountains, but Selvia wonders if they’re really to blame. She sets out on an adventure to restore the life she has always known but discovers a new magic along the way. Richly illustrated, this moving and beautiful story will inspire readers of all ages to question what “everyone says” and find a new magic of their own.


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Better than lunch with grandma!”        

 –Little Red Riding Hood

“This story is pure gold. Selvia is a great role-model. Do you know where her parents are?”      


Who Can You Trust When Everything Changes?

Meet The Characters Of Glowstone Peak

“I give Glowstone Peak 5 glass slippers. It’s not easy to change the world, but this is how hope begins.” 



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“What a relief. The dragon’s sound asleep and I don’t have to kiss it. So much leadership in the land of the Glowstone!”  

Prince Charming

Written By:

David Dye

Sebastian Hurt

Karin Hurt

Illustrated By:

Dawn Doughty Davidson