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Karin Hurt & David Dye Audio Visual Requirements

Karin and David take pride in providing a top-tier keynote audience experience that leaves participants inspired with practical information they can use immediately.

In order to provide the best experience for your attendees, we request the following audio-visual elements:


When Karin & David present together: Two wireless lavaliere microphones. Otherwise, one wireless lavaliere microphone.

Projection & Audio

Karin and David run their audio and visual program from their Mac laptop. For a connector we ask that you provide an
HDMI + standard audio ‘headphone’ jack to house speakers.


A minimum 8’ x 16’ stage is preferred

Room Set

Please advise whether you are using a theater, classroom, or banquet rounds room set up.

***Please note: if you are using a non-traditional set (eg: in-the-round) it is imperative that you inform us 30 days ahead of your event so Karin and David can modify their program to serve your audience.***


Please ensure the screen is placed in such a way to allow full movement across the stage without the speaker blocking the projection (eg: When using front-projection, the screen(s) can be placed on either side or above the stage. When using front-projection, please ensure the projection does not take place across the stage.)


When using IMAG, please ensure one screen shows the slides at all times

These AV and room elements will help provide the best experience for your attendees. If any of these are problematic, please let us know so we can discuss and find a way to resolve it to the benefit of your participants.