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Padawan Picnic: Let’s Grow Leadership in Kids thumbnail

There are surprisingly few tools and discussion forums available on leadership for kids. I continue to get requests through my various social media forums. I am not an expert, but I see grown-ups showing up with gaps and blind spots that could have been nurtured earlier. What if we could start talking about leadership sooner in the game? Welcome to the Padawan Picnic. For the next several Saturdays, I will host a

The Reluctant Leader: Why Confidence Matters thumbnail

Sometimes people find themselves in positions of leadership before their self-confidence has caught up with them, and are reluctant to lead. Helping reluctant leaders to see themselves as the leaders they are, can make them more powerful. Here’s a story of why confidence matters. Yesterday I herded cattle. Not by myself, but with an eclectic group of 7 other novice city slickers out to try something new. As we