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5 Words You Should Say Every Day

5 Words You Should Say Every Day

Leadership impact comes in the context of the mundane. Every day little words inspire connection more than any grand speech you could deliver. It’s what you say when you think it doesn’t matter that matters. They notice the way you answer the phone, or your reaction in the hallway.

“Every day brings new choices”
~ Martha

Words With Teams: A Simply Insightful Teambuilding Exercise thumbnail

I’m always looking for ways to keep remote teams connected.  Remote work drives thirst for daily inspiration and touch points.  Sharing words helps.  Words uncover meaning.  Words inform.  Words create community. I emailed my larger team, “what’s one word that inspires your leadership?” Powerful responses within 24 hours, over 40% of my team shared their words with

Recognition Power Words: The Phrases that Mean the Most thumbnail

Twice this year someone has told me “I am proud of you.” Both times, I was surprised to find myself really choked up. My reaction was so strong that I got to thinking about why. I wanted to understand what it was about THIS recognition that made an impact, so I could do a better job of giving THAT kind of recognition to others.

“Words are the most powerful drug used