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The Most Powerful Note on Authenticity I’ve Ever Received thumbnail

I was blown away by an email I received from a woman who recently read Winning Well.  I was touched on so many levels…by her brave journey toward authenticity in the workplace, by her clear sense of confident humility, by her gratitude for accepting leaders and an inclusive workplace, and quite frankly by the fact that there are Winning Well

Another Way to Outsmart the Competition

Another Way to Outsmart the Competition thumbnail

The hard-sell is so old school. Anyone with a passing interest in what you’re saying has 17 ways to get 17 different perspectives on what you’re saying in 17 seconds.  Your customers and employees have become conditioned to respond to any hard sell with a Google search for the truth. The minute the Google-search has begun, you’ve inadvertently outsourced your explaining authority to the

Mean It Madness Month On LGL #meanit

Mean It Madness Month On LGL #meanit

Welcome to Mean It Madness Month on Let’s Grow Leaders. My sister, Jill Herr, works is a healthcare executive and speech pathologist, my nephew, Jared Herr (middle school) and son, Ben Evans (college), are active student leaders. We’re all disturbed by a pattern we see across many contexts. The severe consequences of people not saying what they mean: damaged relationships, disrupted trust, missed

Getting Past Fake Talk At Work

Getting Past Fake Talk At Work

Fake talk diminishes relationships, slows work down, and jeopardizes results. At yet, the B.S. factor is alive and well in corporate America. We need more straight talk about fake talk. Fake talk is attractive as an easy way out. But when fake talk’s the norm, the real game becomes guessing what’s really happening or what people mean.

Overcoming Fake Talk

This week, I spoke with Overcoming Fake

The Big Problem with Little White Lies

The Big Problem with Little White Lies thumbnail

When’s the last time you sat in a meeting and heard a “little white lie”? Sure, what they presented was “technically” the truth. The statistics they presented were real, but no one walked away with the full story. Perhaps you found yourself wondering “do they really think I’m that stupid?”

“White lies introduce others of a darker

How To Tell Your Boss The Truth

How To Tell Your Boss The Truth thumbnail

I learned this one the hard way. My first year out of grad school, I was invited to a symposium on self-directed work teams. In academia, I was well versed. I had little practical experience. The morning began with a senior executive sponsor setting the vision. After he spoke, I immediately raised my hand and challenged one of his major assumptions. I shared my “truth.” There was a palpable gasp from the