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Ready or Not? Do I Really Want That Management Gig? thumbnail

You’re the best at what you do. You’re a technical genius. You skip to work. And now you’re feeling pressured to move to the next level. You’re honored, and humbled. It would mean more money. But, you see what your boss goes through. All those people problems. Questions of job security make you queasy. You are not alone.

Ready, Set Go, Management Here I Come

 A few signs you may be

7 Ways to Ensure Your New Hire Has a Great First Day thumbnail

Jack and Jill are both new hires who started their new jobs today. Both of them are nervous. Both of them had other offers. Both are looking for validation that they made the right choice. They both still have lots of logistics questions that they were too embarrassed to ask during the interview process. Both want to make good first impressions. Jack’s boss enthusiastically greets him at the door. His computer

Leadership Magic: Key Actions That Inspire Results thumbnail

“What’s your leadership magic?” That’s my favorite question to ask really successful front line leaders. Clearly something is working for these folks, and I am always thirsty to understand just what. If you are a leader growing leaders, it’s a great question to ask. I guarantee it will immediately bring out sparkles in eyes, great stories, and inspiring conversation. It might also be