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7 Ways To Inspire Courage

7 Ways To Inspire Courage

You know they can do it. They’re scared. Their lack of courage is a downward spiral. Fear stops trying. Lack of trying creates doubt. Doubt affirms negative self-perceptions. It breaks my heart to watch highly qualified, talented people let scared stop them. And yet, it’s hard for those born with a few extra confidence genes to build courage in others. Skills that come naturally are hardest to

The Secret Behind the 9 Box Performance Potential Grid thumbnail

Do you know where you stand in your organization’s succession plan?

“Our cultural instinct is to wait to get picked…No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself.”
~Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

Most organizations use a deliberate approach like the 9 box Performance Potential Grid (great tool, for more visit Dan

When Your Inner Voice Grabs the Mic

When Your Inner Voice Grabs the Mic thumbnail

As leaders self-talk is important. We must listen to our inner voice. But what if our inner voice gets scared and wants to grab the mic? What if our inner voice wants too much affirmation? What if our inner voice needs excessive feedback? Can an extraverted inner voice get in the way?

Loud Inner Voices

Why do some people tell us to stop listening to them before they even start talking? Why do we add

5 Ways Leaders Bust Confidence

5 Ways Leaders Bust Confidence thumbnail

Leaders work hard to build confidence in their teams. They know that building confident teams and people is vital to success. Confident team members are more creative, communicate more effectively, and take more risks. Plus, it’s easier to delegate to a confident person. Sometimes the very actions leaders take to create confidence, can backfire. How does what was meant to be a confidence-builder become a