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4 Signs You Have An Inspiring Point Of View

Weak leaders waffle and shape-shift. They’re easily swayed by popular opinion or the path of least resistance.  Their point of view is remarkably consistent with whatever their boss says, or send messages that will cause the least amount of work. They attract other easy people, who’ll just go with the flow. The flow turns to stagnant mediocrity. Inspiring leaders have a more deliberate, inspiring

Leadership from A Kid’s Point Of View (Lucky or Skillful?) thumbnail

A Saturday Salutation Guest Post Sebastian Hurt, Age 7 Sebastian is my son, and a First Grader. He loves Jiu Jitsu, beyblades, and climbing new mountains. After much dinner table conversation on leadership and posts, he asked to write his own. I served only as typist. What a fantastic conversation. He was troubled with all the stories from history and the Bible where people seemed to land into leadership positions