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7 Reasons Good Moms Make Amazing Leaders

Why Good Moms Make Amazing Leaders

No one puts mom as a job title on their resume. In fact many moms hide their mommy status when interviewing for a new job. They may even strip their resume of relevant volunteer experience that would reveal their motherhood status. I’m in the other camp entirely. Most moms bring a maturity and level of endurance to their leadership that’s hard to gain as quickly from other leadership roles

Christmas In July: How To Make Everyday Magic

It was a sweltering July day, the heat wave had been going on for weeks. We only had a window air conditioner in one room in the house. It was starting to feel crowded. My mom had used up her usual tricks to stay cool the library, the movies, peppermint stick ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. And then on the 25th of July, we woke up to Christmas carols blaring throughout the house, and the smell of French Toast

Moms Growing Leaders: A Mother’s Day Tribute thumbnail

If you ask my mom if she’s a leader, she’ll say “no.” And then, everyone who knows her will just shake their heads and laugh. People follow leaders toward a vision. Leaders serve. Leaders grow leaders. My mom’s a leader. She’s grown a nice crop.

Moms Growing Leaders

Some moms hold formal leadership roles. Others do not. Either way, don’t underestimate the impact