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The Great Millennial Hoax- Why Most Millennial Experts are Wrong and What to Do Instead (Recorded Webinar) thumbnail

Whether you’re a veteran leader or a millennial recently promoted into a leadership role, leading your younger team members can feel like an endless struggle. Why don’t they understand? Why aren’t they motivated? Why won’t they put in the time?

Three Critical Steps to Developing Your Millennial Leadership Talent thumbnail

A guest post from Elisha Yeoh, Thriving Talents, Malaysia. You’ve seen them, you’ve heard of them, and some of you may even be working with them. These them I’m referring to is the Gen-Ys. Regardless of what you may currently think of them, the presence of these young individuals have definitely changed the realities of workplace dynamics, especially now that Gen-Ys are slowly being reviewed to fill in

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A working student in my evening MBA program approached me to talk about a work situation that was driving her crazy. She gave me the gory behind-the-scenes view: a few apathetic employees were fully taking advantage of a system that had let them get away with ridiculous performance for too long. She was a new supervisor and knew what was right. Apparently her instincts had been reinforced in our class that night