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3 Troubling Troubles of “Troublemakers” thumbnail

The troublemaker. You know the type. He’s the noisy one. He ALWAYS has an opinion. He has no filter. Sometimes he raises his voice. When you see him coming you may find ways to look busy and avoid the conversation. When no one is looking you may even mutter some choice words under your breath. Most teams experience a “troublemaker” from time to time.

The Trouble with

How To Melt A Grinch’s Heart

How To Melt A Grinch’s Heart thumbnail

This time of year we may call them “the grinch,” but you know the type. “Disgruntled,” “negative,” the ones of you label in the “quit and stay” category. I’ve been to many a meeting and several change workshops where the sentiment goes something like this.

“It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right. It could be