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5 Subtle Ways Leaders Lose Credibility

5 Subtle Ways Leaders Lose Credibility thumbnail

Credibility is hard to establish and easy to lose. The sad truth is I’ve seen really good leaders lose the confidence and credibility of their teams by making well-intentioned and innocent mistakes. I’m not talking about the big stuff like lack of follow-through or breaking commitments, but the subtle shifts that undermine all the trust you’re working to build. Don’t fall into these

2 Ways to Instantly Lose Credibility with Your New Team thumbnail

You’ve got a new job, a new team, or a new project. Credibility is vital, but people are skeptical. Questioning eyes wonder, “who is this guy?” “why him?” “seriously?” Their looks intimidate. And you wonder, “why me?” “What are they thinking?” “yikes, they look pretty smart.” And the downward spiral begins. Here’s where it gets

To Tell The Truth: The Problem with “Positioning” thumbnail

Framing. Positioning. WIFM (them). Spin. If you are a leader, you have sat in one of these meetings. How do we explain this to them... in a way they can hear, understand, and feel good about? How you position a change matters. A lot. And yet, If you find yourself in meeting after meeting, working to wordsmith the change to better “position” what is happening, I encourage you to ask one