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Is Fitness a Leadership Competency?

Is Fitness a Leadership Competency? thumbnail

As a yogi, I believe in the connection between body, mind and spirit. I also know that my fitness routine is a vital aspect of who I am as a leader. For me, time spent on fitness is time to think, to clear my head and to become mentally and physically stronger. When I am exercising more and eating right, I feel better. I lead better. Would I go as far to say that fitness is a leadership competency? I have been

Is strength your weakness?

Is strength your weakness? thumbnail

One of my first yoga teachers was fond of saying, “too much strength makes you inflexible too much flexibility makes you weak always balance.” At work, the same is true. Strength can make us weaker. Here’s how Over-reliance on one skill I love to speak– with energy and enthusiasm. This comes naturally to me But if I am not careful, that energy can become overwhelming “is she for real