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How To Build A Community of Collaboration thumbnail

What is a community? Can you have one at work? Should you? If you want more of a community feel, how do you create it? Whose job is it? Senior management? Frontline leaders? The employees? HR? Do programs produce community or do people? Today, I raise more questions than answers. Community Can Happen Some of the teams and organizations I have been part of have become a community. Some have not. You know it when you

Saturday Salutation: The Cairns of Strangers thumbnail

This week, my husband and I scrambled up the boulders of Mt. of the Holy Cross one of Colorado’s spectacular 14ers.  The trek was a beautiful journey of cairns, challenge and connection. The most tangible beauty came from the dramatic 360 views on this clear, cool summer day. There was also intense beauty in pushing through when the summit seemed unattainable. And, I was ironically warmed by the connection

Saturday Salutation: Postcard from the United Nations Youth Assembly thumbnail

This quote set the tone for the 11th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations sponsored by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, which I attended this week. The focus was on youth empowerment, and how social networking can be used to create change.

“This is a guest post from my son Ben Evans, 17. Ben is a youth envoy to the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Organization