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6  Simple Techniques to Help Your Employees See the Big Picture thumbnail

If you’re like most managers, you know the importance of helping your team see the bigger picture. You would do more, if you only had the time. The occasional all-hands meetings help, but without interim reinforcement, those motivational meetings can feel like a fire hose of plans and numbers. If you want your team to truly “get it,” sprinkle little bits of big picture reinforcement into their

5 Reasons to Lose a Battle- And How To Lose It With Grace thumbnail

If I had to pick a side, I would have chosen hers. But picking sides was entirely beside the point. The other guy’s heels were dug in deeper than skis sunk in a tree well of deep powder. No amount of convincing was going to change his mind. “It’s time to let it go.” I offered. “This battle is not worth winning.” “But I’m right, she insisted.” That’s

Why Can’t You See The Big Picture?

Why Can’t You See The Big Picture? thumbnail

I was doing my normal juggling of “leader” and “mom” roles. I was feeling pretty good about the “mom” part as I drove to the stadium that night. Sure I was on a conference call the whole way there, but I pulled into the parking lot well before halftime. The marching band had not yet entered the field– that’s a win. There was plenty of time to set up to take the