Great Leadership Produces Great Results. But…

Great leadership produces great results. But, sometimes leadership qualities that should work, don’t.

 “Good” leaders with weak results,

  • spend so much time on people, they forget about the plan
  • are over-using positive strengths
  • worry too much about being liked
  • give up too soon, and revert to command and control
  • (what would you add?)

I want you to lead with compassion, empathy, transparency and love. I want every human being you touch to be better because you led them. But, that’s not enough.

4 Signs of Great Results

Results make your brand and impact your team’s reputation. Great results are more than graphs trending in the right direction. Build results that meet these criteria.

  1. Make a DifferenceCreate an inspired vision. Find the sweet spot between passion and purpose. Pick projects that matter to you and the company. If you’ve got 10 priorities, nail the ones with the biggest impact. Create change. Turnaround problems. Leave positive footprints wherever you lead. When you start a new job, identify what you want the team to be known for, and lead toward that legacy.
  2. Can Be Replicated – Results that can’t be replicated are luck. Understand your success. Isolate the variables. Share your secrets and teach your approach to others. A helpful post, Unintended Consequences: Fix This, Break That.
  3. They Last – The true sign of leadership is what happens when you walk away. Teach while you lead. Build confidence and competence. Establish a vision that outlasts your leadership. Build passion and engagement. Get specific about needed behaviors, and develop them. Adjust as needed. Create interdependent success. Leave a remarkable successor.
  4. You Can Explain Them – Identify the most important metrics and understand the trends. Isolate and correlate the variables. Get good at powerpoint, and positioning your story. Teach your team to talk to executives. Some posts that will help: Teaching Your Team Executive Presence  and Teaching Your Team to Talk Strategy

Side Effects of Great Results

Lead well, with great results and you’ll be unstoppable.


  • greater responsibility and broader influence
  • freedom to lead creatively
  • top talent looking to work with you
  • satisfaction
  • fun

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