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What Does Your Mommy Do?

I have never had one of those jobs they sing about on Sesame Street. As with most of us, the roles I have assumed over the years are hard to explain. But if you ask my kids what I do, they have a short answer, “my mom is a leader.” Probe further, and you’ll get more: “She asks a lot of questions” “She helps people figure things

The Power of Yes

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“Yes-let’s said Tigger, bouncing a little, even though he had no idea what was to be begun. He liked to be asked to do things, and he liked to be asked to do them first, and he always said “yes,” because it is much more interesting when you do.” -David Benedictus, Return to the Hundred Acre Wood As leaders (or community members, parents, friends), deciding where to spend our physical

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Growing Leaders of All Ages:

Part of my mission for this blog is engaging leaders of all ages in the leadership conversation.  Today, I present a guest post from Jared Herr, age 12.  If you are a leader of any age, interested in collaborating on a guest post on leadership, let’s talk more.

Kermit is a strong leader in many ways:

He works to make the muppets the best that they can be He