Seasons, Messy, and Doing the Best You Can

“I don’t know how you do it all. How can you do this executive job, have a husband, raise good kids, and write this blog, it’s intimidating.” I heard that again today.

The truth is, it’s messy. I do it because all those things feel so important. I find it hard to choose.


Tonight I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight from Nashville to Newark. I stayed late to meet with the exec from the other company who had missed the meeting. Her flight was delayed (life’s tricky for her too). Great meeting. The problem, my suitcase moved on without me. Totally my fault, I didn’t think this through. My brain was full of strategy, issues, and people. The suitcase will stay in Nashville, and I will show up in NJ in the same suit tomorrow. I’m sure the Marriott will lend me a toothbrush.

My firefighter husband is working a 24 hour shift. My 7-year-old needs overnight care, homework, a packed lunch, and loving. Nana to the rescue (again).

Last week was vacation, now work is backed up. Everyone and everything needs attention. On the Let’s Grow Leaders front, I had written ahead, now am behind. I’m out of posts.

I know you have similar feelings. It’s easy at times like this to think it’s too much. It may be. Likely, it’s just too much today.

On Seasons

Early in our marriage my husband introduced the sweet concept of “seasons.” It was a tremendous gift. Truth is, I think it’s one of our most sustaining concepts. When we feel guilty or overwhelmed by too much to do, we step back and look at the whole scene. Is it really out of control? Or are we pursuing important values and are just in a tough season?

We both cram in a lot. So do our kids. We have a remarkable pit crew.  He has seasons. Our kids have seasons. I have mine (more than my fair share). We get frustrated at ourselves and at one another. Sometimes we miss stuff. But, the “season” will change and we will all be back at the dinner table together again. Someone will have accomplished something. The contribution will be important. That will feel right.

It’s a tricky game. No season can go on too long. Sometimes we must remind ourselves, or one another, of that too.

When you feel overwhelmed, step back and consider is it a season or a true imbalance?