Defining Your Unique Value Proposition: A LGL Virtual Meet and Greet

What is your unique value proposition? What unique set of experience, skills, and style do you bring to the your work? If you’ve never tried this before I challenge you to give it a shot and share it with our community. That’s not bragging, that’s confidence.

Why I’m Writing About Unique Value Propositions Today

When I recently published a post on the Lead Change Group Website, How to Promote Yourself Without Being Annoying, my first tip was “be confident in your product.”

“Be Confident In Your Product – If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, your customer won’t either. Make a list of your features and benefits. What truly differentiates you? What’s your unique value proposition? If this step feels too hard, ask some trusted advisers to help.”

John’s Query

I was deeply touched by one of the responses: here’s an excerpt:

I do have a question about one thing: This “Unique Value Proposition.” Maybe I am just being too literal here, but I have always found this difficult to do. When I see the word “unique” or the phase “sets you apart from everyone else”, I freeze up, because I cannot imagine any value, attribute, behavior, or trait that is truly “unique.”

I do believe that my blend of experience, education, and attitude makes me very competitive and a stronger candidate than many others, but “unique” is a word I just cannot use in reference to myself.

You mentioned asking trusted advisors for their input and I will do that … but I cannot imagine them identifying something completely unique to me.

My Response

KARIN HURT | 13 OCT 2015

I think if you really consider this carefully, you will realize that there is something about the cocktail of John that is truly unique.

For example, when I am positioning myself for change management work in the call center space, I do believe I have a cocktail that is unique. There’s a blend of a significant academic background in leadership, a decade in HR strategy and field work, coupled with having led several internal large call centers at Verizon, and then completely transformed the entire customer service outsourcing function at Verizon to parity with internal centers by building strategic partnerships and great cultures….and I’m about to publish a book for AMACOM based on that experience.

I don’t have to say all that out loud, but it pops on LinkedIn.

I’m uniquely positioned to help a call center turn their results around.

Find me a guy that looks like that, and I’ll buy you lunch… she said with #confidenthumility.


Of course, I can mix the cocktail in different forms drawing on my varied experience depending on the needs of a prospective client and the industry they serve. My “How I Can Set Your Sales Team on Fire” cocktail has a different flavor, but a common base.

So can John.

So can you.

I challenge you to mix up one cocktail of you and share it with our LGL community.

Showing up confident in your own unique mix of talents, experience, and the scar tissue that makes you stronger lets the world know how you can best serve.