Your Hard Sell is Hard to Buy

Your Hard Sell Is Hard To Buy

If you want customers, stop selling. Hard sells exhaust. Aggressive pitches scream, “Do this for ME.” Every day, I close down down to parades of hard sells.

Last week I re-opened my mind to a sales exec who caught my interest by offering consultation to a real business problem. Two years ago, his predecessor pushed with a hard sell in the wrong context. I didn’t take the time to learn what the product was about. It took a long time to recover. This time it felt helpful and I’m listening.

Whether your’re selling a product or yourself. Approach matters. If you want customers or employers to listen, approach gently and solve problems.

From Hard Sell to Easy Relationships

Hard to Buy
“There are more fakers in business than in jail.”
~ Malcolm Forbes
  • Bringing the sales guy to the service meeting with a surprise agenda
  • Asking to expand the relationship, when performance is lagging
  • LinkedIn Spam emails
  • Follow-up Linkedin in Spam emails acting flabergasted that the first email was ignored
  • Sales pitches disguised as “Training,” “Workshops,” or “Webinars”
  • Sales people who don’t know the business or haven’t done their homework
  • Exagerated claims and manipulated data
  • Cold calls with creative tactics to get past the gatekeeper (burn those books)
  • Name dropping in interviews or sales pitches
Easy to Buy
“Stop Selling, Start Helping”
  • A track record of success in the current relationship
  • Networking through trusted relationships
  • Well researched analysis of problems, with creative solutions
  • Establishing non-sales professional connections in Linked and Social media
  • Helping without expectations
  • Showcasing what you can do
  • Sharing expertise
  • Intelligent questions

Executives turn down parades of hard sell approaches every day. We also tune into amazing networks of helpful people. How will you show up?