4 Surprising Reasons You’re Hiring The Wrong Candidate

You work hard to select the right candidate. Missing the mark is emotionally and financially expensive. Take a deeper look at your processes. The techniques you use to find Ms. Right, may be leaving you with Mr. Just Okay. Don’t settle for good, attract great.

4 Surprising Reasons You’re Hiring the Wrong Candidate

  1. It’s Not them, It’s You – Top-notch internal candidates do their homework. They know which leaders will challenge, develop, and grow their careers. If you don’t have candidates approaching you about opportunities before you have an opening, take a look at your leadership. Be the leader everyone wants to work for and tells their friends about. Improve you, to attract them.
  2. Too Much Help From HR – I spent the first decade of my career in HR and have recruited and hired thousands. I also know how I was measured in those roles. Diversity mix, time to hire, % with college degree. All useful considerations, but your HR team may have other motivations than hiring the best candidate for your role. If HR is pushing you to hire a candidate for the “wrong” reasons, push back. Engage your HR team as strategic partners in your success. Link their measurements of success to yours. Slow down and keep looking if necessary. Let diversity be the side effect of great talent, not the driving force.
  3. They Nail The Structured Interview – HR loves structured interviews because they keep hiring managers from asking something stupid. I find they’re a great gauge of one competency: how well the candidate’s mastered the structured interview process. You want a candidate with the right experience, not just interviewing experience. Structured interviewers get better with practice. Supplement your structured interview with deeper questions and lots of homework to verify their stories. See also How To Stink At A Behavior-Based Interview and Interviewing: 4 Ways To Set Yourself Apart.
  4. You’re Using A Robust Recruiting System – Recruiting systems make hiring managers lazy. Systems like Evolve provide rigor in identifying candidates against an ideal profile. Useful in many contexts, particularly in call centers and other entry-level hiring, such systems are helpful, but not sufficient. I’ve seen too many companies select candidates that look great on paper, who quit or are fired in the first 90 days. You can’t outsource selection to a system, or even to an HR department. Insist on being part of the hiring process.