How To Conduct A Meaningful Mid-Year Review

Mid-year reviews are often “optional.” No one’s really watching. You’re busy, so are they maybe just do a quickie.

On the other hand

You wouldn’t consider an optional Superbowl halftime huddle. Imagine the coach saying “well they played a great first half no need to say much.” Or, “Guys, just keep doing what you’re doing.” “We’re really to busy with all this excitement.”

The coach speaks at half-time and the players listen.

A mid-year review should summarize, celebrate, challenge, and inspire

Why Mid Year Reviews Beat EOY Appraisals

  • There’s still 6 months to impact the year
  • No need to assign a rating
  • No linkage to compensation, focus is on development
  • Since there often “optional,” conducting them well sends an important message

Making Mid-Year Reviews Meaningful

In my company, HR conducted a cool study linking performance appraisals to overall employee satisfaction. As expected, those who had received meaningful performance feedback, were overall much more satisfied with their jobs and supervisors. The interesting wrinkle, those who received a poorly conducted appraisal, were less satisfied than those who did not receive them at all.

Don’t go through the motions. If you won’t invest the time to offer a meaningful mid year review, you’re better off skipping it.

What Feels Meaningful

I’ve been asking my own organization and other review receivers, “what makes reviews mid-year reviews meaningful?”

  1. No Surprises
    Mid years extend ongoing conversation. If you have something to brand new to say, say it before or say it out loud, not in writing
  2. Create Linkage
    Circle back to commitments and progress made in the last review
  3. Be Specific
    Provide examples of what’s working and how to improve
  4. Personalized Career Discussion
    Link back to personal goals, show that you “get” me and understand what’s important from my POV. Go deep with me.
  5. Recognize
    Special projects and challenges I’ve taken on
  6. Challenge
    Me with a stretch project or assignment
  7. Stretch
    Me out of my comfort zone
  8. What would you add?

    P.S. I realized that as Steve and Eric began to comment, I left out the most important aspect, which I add here now.

  9. Conversation
    Great reviews are conversations. Ask LOTS of provocative questions. Listen more than you talk.

Let’s keep growing the list who else has suggestions?

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