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How to Handle Your Boss’ Negative Feedback (even if you disagree) thumbnail

Amy was dreading her performance review.  She’d just be in the job a year, and her interactions with her imperfect boss were becoming more tense and intense with each passing month. The truth was, she questioned his approach to running the department, and he wasn’t listening to her ideas. She didn’t love his suggestions, and often reacted defensively to his feedback, making matters worse

LGL Labor Day: Be A Better Boss Challenge

LGL Labor Day: Be A Better Boss Challenge thumbnail

It’s Labor Day in America, no better time for the LGL “Be A Better Boss Challenge.” Don’t worry, no ice buckets or donations necessary (although our porch was filled with buckets on Sunday).  I’m just advocating for a bit of focused effort on taking your relationship with your team (and with your boss) to the next level. Of course, if you can’t imagine anything more fulfilling