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Best Of 2013: Let’s Grow Leaders

Best Of 2013:  Let’s Grow Leaders

I’m humbled and energized by our growing Let’s Grow Leaders community. Thank you so much for your thought leadership and enthusiasm. We are growing this together. As we close 2013, I offer a recap of the “Best of 2013” as measured by engagement. Thank you for being part of our collaborative adventure. If you missed one of these, it’s not too late to join the conversation. If

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As a “growing” leader I am always inspired by the work of other leaders and thinkers. The online community stretches me beyond my own experiences and thinking. I engage in several leadership tribes and bring their thoughts and challenges back to you and the Let’s Grow Leaders Community. It’s fun to stir those pots as well. Here’s what’s up and what’s coming in some of these

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As the year draws to a close, one reader suggested I share my thoughts on “best of 2012,” particularly for those readers who may have joined recently. And so, with deep gratitude for all of your support, I share a few of my favorites in case you missed them.

Best of 2012: 3 Most Popular

Most Viewed, Recognition Power Words: The Phases That Mean the Most This one was also a lot of fun, because it