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Courage Today and Tomorrow

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I’ve been thinking about fear and courage more than I care to these days. I am watching my mother handle a poorly timed and devastating cancer diagnosis with grace, optimism and courage. We are all scared. We are following her lead. Everything is suddenly put into amazing perspective. We hope, we learn, we get more information, we wish we had more, sometimes we wish we had less.

Simple Gifts: The Best You Can Do is Enough thumbnail

My favorite Christmas stories are the ones where a humble hero offers the best gifts he can muster.  It never looks like much on the outside. In Why The Chimes Rang, a small child accomplishes what all the rich and famous could not with their extravagant gifts.  He did what he could, with what he had. The Little Drummer Boy, “had no gift to bring” but we keep singing about him.  I

Lead Me Please: Developing Leadership Standby Skills thumbnail

This weekend, I attended the TEDxWomen’s conference in Washington, DC. The theme was “The Space Between.” Women and men sharing amazing stories about the magic that can happen in the convergence of extremes.

“One day you will want to say, this is actually the right thing to do. And when you turn around, they are following you. I just want you ready for every

The Secret To Increased Productivity: 3 Steps to Improved Performance thumbnail

Do you hope for increased productivity? The solution may be closer than you think. A guest post from Karin Rigas, Greve, Denmark

Karin Moeller Rigas has worked as a Sales Manager, Executive Coach, and Management Consultant within Retail Banking for more than 25 years. Founder of www.emodigy.com, an e-learning site for managers, she is the author of the book, You are special –

Beginning Better: 9 Tips for Successful Starts thumbnail

How you begin matters. Prepare the team. Reinforce the vision. Energize the plans. Refresh the excitement. Do you begin well?

“Let us nourish beginnings. Not all things are blest, but the seeds of all things are blest. The blessing is in the seed.”
~Muriel Rukeyser

A Sweet Story of Beginning Well

This Sunday, I

Who’s Your Leadership Pit Crew? A Saturday Salutation thumbnail

Who most serves as your leadership pit crew? How have they made a difference in your leadership? When is the last time you really thanked them?

Support Makes A Difference

Last weekend, my friend Julie and I (along with our three, 6 year olds) had an opportunity to serve as cheering squad and pit crew for our husbands competing in the Wisconsin Ironman, 140.6 mile swim, bike and run. It’s impressive

What’s Next? One Big Thing (Book Review)

What’s Next? One Big Thing (Book Review) thumbnail

What’s next? What are you born to do? What is your calling? A vital topic for me and for those I lead. Phil Cooke contributes well to this conversation with his book, The One Big Thing.

“It’s tough not to notice a raging fire”
~ Phil Cooke

He starts with two Big Questions about what’s next: What am I