Jesus on Leadership: Leading By Example

One of my favorite leadership classics is Jesus CEO by Laurie Beth Jones. It’s an intriguing read on servant leadership. And so, as a Christmas Eve offering, I share some thoughts on Jesus as leader.

Laurie Beth reminds us that in addition to everything else, Jesus inspired sustained results through very human leadership techniques.

1. One person trained twelve human beings who end on to so influence the world that time itself is not recorded as being before (B.C.) or after (A.D) his existence.
2. This person worked with a staff that was totally human and not divine, a staff that in spite of illiteracy, questionable backgrounds, fractious feelings, and momentary cowardice went on to accomplish the tasks he trained them to do. They did this for one main reason– to be with him again.
3. His leadership style was intended to be put to use by any of us.

So what did Jesus do as a leader?

Here’s a start, what would you add?

  • He had a strong internal compass
  • He had a strong vision
  • He challenged the status quo
  • He looked out for the underdog
  • He attracted a diverse team
  • He trained his successors
  • He had a plan
  • He spent time in his leadership “wilderness” 
  • He served others 
  • He recognized hidden talents
  • He took accountability
  • He held others accountable
  • He said thank you
  • He reminded others to say thank you
  • He took risks
  • He celebrated
  • ??
  • ?

As leaders we learn by example, from watching other leaders in their journey. Jesus gave us a powerful example.

Merry Christmas.