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Saturday Salutation: The Cairns of Strangers thumbnail

This week, my husband and I scrambled up the boulders of Mt. of the Holy Cross one of Colorado’s spectacular 14ers.  The trek was a beautiful journey of cairns, challenge and connection. The most tangible beauty came from the dramatic 360 views on this clear, cool summer day. There was also intense beauty in pushing through when the summit seemed unattainable. And, I was ironically warmed by the connection

Saturday Salutations: Running on Kindness

Saturday Salutations: Running on Kindness thumbnail

It was mile 65 of the Devilman Triathlon. My wet hair was strung with seaweed. I had several layers of mud and grime on my face, arms and legs. I was sick from running on too many caffeinated gels, and slugging through the final miles of the run. The only time I have looked and felt worse, was childbirth. A man began to pass and then slowed down to match my pace. He smiled, “You look fantastic!” “Yeah