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The Importance of Applauding Yourself

confident humility is contagious

Confident, humble leaders take a moment to privately applaud themselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a mini-timeout to tell yourself “Wow! Great job,” particularly for the incremental baby steps that change the game. Privately applauding yourself is vital if others aren’t looking at or caring about your greater mission. One of the great joys of my new journey is that I get to

One Powerful Word

One Powerful Word thumbnail

The words we choose as leaders are powerful. Helping our teams find the right words to clarify their thinking, can be even more powerful. As with so much else in leadership and life, less can be more. Sometimes, reducing the thought down to one powerful word can create vision and focus. I have two friends both looking to lose a little weight. One is following a strict regimen of counting every calorie eaten and