Fourth Quarter Readiness: Feedback Needed

As we head toward the fourth quarter, I’d like to pause and check. It’s been a great month, and I want to be sure I am best meeting the needs of our growing community.


Beginning next week, I’m going to experiment with reducing frequency to 3 times a week for several reasons. First, I believe it will lead to more quality engagement across the community–concentrating our comments and ideas. Second, there are other tools I’d like to get to you, which I haven’t had the time to pursue. Less writing gives me more time to think and create richer content. Yes, I am working on a book, and this will nudge that along as well.


I would be very interested in your thoughts on use of alternative media. The blog posts seem to be far more popular than podcasts. Should I continue those? How about video (see sample)? Would you like to see me mix it up occasionally?


What topics would you like to discuss? What topics need our attention? What can I do to encourage more engagement? Any suggestions to help expand the reach of Let’s Grow Leaders?


I’m wide open to your suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to comment, or drop me a line at Please also help me spread the word.

If each one of you invited just one more growing leader to subscribe, imagine the possibilities for expanding our think tank.

Thanks for all you do.