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How To Ensure Your Greatest Fears Come True

After a hectic but fun Saturday morning of speaking on a Lead Change panel and schlepping my son to baseball practice and art lessons, Sebastian and I decided to try out the newish Ethiopian restaurant for lunch.

“Every man, through fear, mugs his aspiration a dozen times a day.”
~ Brendan Francis

The place wasn’t

The Input Paradox

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When you take your leadership seriously, you are on a constant search for input. “How am I doing?” “What do you think” “How did that go?” “Am I on your short list?” Before I go any further, let me stop and warn you. This is one of those “do what I say not as a I do” posts. I don’t have this handled. Maybe you wrestle with this too. Perhaps we can work on it together. The Trouble With

Courage Today and Tomorrow

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I’ve been thinking about fear and courage more than I care to these days. I am watching my mother handle a poorly timed and devastating cancer diagnosis with grace, optimism and courage. We are all scared. We are following her lead. Everything is suddenly put into amazing perspective. We hope, we learn, we get more information, we wish we had more, sometimes we wish we had less.