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Why Your Elevator Pitch Isn’t Working

Why Your Elevator Pitch Isn’t Working

You know you need an elevator pitch. Perhaps you’ve even practiced and gotten “why choose me” down to a perfect pitch. But somehow you never seem to get the chance to use it. Sadly, the biggest mistake I see aspiring networkers make is that they don’t recognize an “elevator” when they’re in one.

Invisible Elevators

I had my entire leadership team in for a

Why You’re Not Getting Hired

Why You’re Not Getting Hired thumbnail

I get frustrated and sad when I see highly qualified people unable to sell themselves in a job they deserve. It happened again, perhaps you know someone who can benefit from this story and actions that followed.

Meet Me in St. Louis

The sweet woman next to me on the flight from Denver to St. Louis shared her story. She had a masters in teaching, and yet kept piecing together assistant jobs to make ends meet

Glass Elevators: Why Having an Elevator Speech Matters thumbnail

Yesterday I attended an important meeting with important people. I was not scheduled to speak. And then, sure enough, I was given the opportunity to give my elevator speech. A good friend of mine in Finance (p.s. always have a good friend in Finance) batted the conversation my way game on. What’s our channel’s mission? How are our results? What’s our team best at? How have we improved? The