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Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. Our August Festival is all about communication. Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx Group for the great pic and to all our contributors! Next month’s Festival is all about Building Effective Peer Relationships. New contributors welcome.

Refining Your Personal Communication Style

To effectively communicate, we must

tips for improved communication

You’ve done important work, and you’re trying to get the team to understand your point. But before you get to page 3, John’s flipping to the back of the deck, Carol’s obviously distracted by her text messages, and you’d swear you saw a glimpse of Words With Friends on Tracy’s iPad. It’s true, that’s rude. What’s equally true is that this scene is calling for

Small Gestures of Trust Build Great Results thumbnail

I was attending a breakout session on social media strategy at the International Customer Service Association conference, when the presenter asked, “who allows their reps to have Facebook on their work computers?” This is not the norm in the call center space, but one guy raised his hand. I knew immediately whose table I wanted to sit at for lunch. Where there’s one gesture of trust, there’s generally

Team Trouble? How to Build a Team One Person at a Time thumbnail

My phone rang again this week. It was a front-line leader I have known for years having team trouble. “I can’t get them motivated. They just don’t seem to care like I do. I am not sure what to do, I’ve tried everything.” I have received this same call many times over the years, not from this person but from others in similar circumstances. When the frustration level hits a wall like

Don’t Get a Mentor

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I was recently on a hiking tour of the Utah National Parks with my son. After the first big day of hiking, Seb (6) looks at me and says, “if we are going to do this again tomorrow, we will need some help, let’s each pick 3 Pokemon to take along we can summon them up as needed. They’ve got some good skills that can help” Turns out he leverages Pokemon like I engage mentors. I have wonderful

Listen Well: Better Get a Bucket

Listen Well: Better Get a Bucket thumbnail

I believe that after integrity, listening is the second most important leadership skill. And it is also one of the most difficult. Listening well is hard.Listening well, consistently, is even harder. Lately, I have been paying more attention to what is happening when the listening is good. The key is having some good buckets– categories to help you organize what you hear, and to feed it back. People need to