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when to ignore your competitors

In business school we teach SWOT analysis. Know what your competitors are doing so you can outsmart them. There’s power in benchmarking, and many a company has met their demise by a sudden competitive surprise. But any time your energy is focused on what OTHER people are doing instead of honing your craft, you’re at risk. Watching your competition puts you in the passenger seat of their story, instead of

Collaborative Competition: The Extraordinary Power of Trash Talk thumbnail

Collaborative competition inspires. Seeing “them” inspires “us.” Competition makes work fun. Unless, it doesn’t. Stay on the right side of trash talk.  Create collaborative competition to inspire your team.

A New York State of Mind

I ran a 2000 person sales team so did the guys in New York. They were the “ones to catch” on some metrics. In others we led the way. We studied their