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Good Leaders Remember Names

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Two leaders are presenting at the meeting. Both wander around the meeting before hand making small talk. Both address the group and take questions. One responds to each person calling them by name. The other doesn’t. Two fitness instructors present the identical class, although one takes the time to learn any new names at the beginning of the class, and uses the names throughout. The other does

Thermostat or Thermometer? Helping Kids Feel the Leadership Climate thumbnail

Today I present our final post in this year’s Leadership Padawan Saturday series, Growing Leadership in Kids. On Monday, I return to our normal leadership fare. Today I offer a guest post from Eric Dingler, a great example of a Thermostat leader.

Eric has been the Director and lead communicator for an expanding Christian summer camp and year-round conference center for over 10

How to Change the Climate

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Climate matters in crowds, in teams, in organizations. Does one person have the power to shift the climate from fun to frustrating? Can another person change it back? What can you do?

It’s Cold?

We were bundled up in our coats and boots, but the biting air still stung as we waited in line for the Hershey Park Christmas show. Sebastian looked up at me with his hot chocolate-stained grin. “Mommy