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What’s In Your Christmas Stopping?

What’s In Your Christmas Stopping? thumbnail

To me the most remarkable part of Christmas is how everything goes from ridiculously busy to a remarkable stop. The end-of-year reviews, the 2013 planning, the rehearsals, the concerts, the shopping, the cooking, the visits, and then the pause. When I walk into a candle lit church, all the chaos seems to melt away. We stop, we remember, we give thanks, we hope. On Christmas, my running also becomes an ironic form of

Jesus on Leadership: Leading By Example

Jesus on Leadership: Leading By Example thumbnail

One of my favorite leadership classics is Jesus CEO by Laurie Beth Jones. It’s an intriguing read on servant leadership. And so, as a Christmas Eve offering, I share some thoughts on Jesus as leader. Laurie Beth reminds us that in addition to everything else, Jesus inspired sustained results through very human leadership techniques.

1. One person trained twelve human beings who

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