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Ready or Not? Do I Really Want That Management Gig? thumbnail

You’re the best at what you do. You’re a technical genius. You skip to work. And now you’re feeling pressured to move to the next level. You’re honored, and humbled. It would mean more money. But, you see what your boss goes through. All those people problems. Questions of job security make you queasy. You are not alone.

Ready, Set Go, Management Here I Come

 A few signs you may be

An Attitude of Ordeal or Adventure?

An Attitude of Ordeal or Adventure? thumbnail

Today I begin a month-long speaking tour at kickoff events around the country, 5 events this week. As I pack my bag for this 6500 mile trip, I’m feeling excited, optimistic, energized and nervous.

“Cock your hat. Angles are attitudes.”
~Frank Sinatra

I believe in large team “kickoffs” to inspire, energize

The View From a False Summit Can Change Your Course thumbnail

I thought I was at the top. I glanced with pride at the view of the long staircase disappearing down the mountain. It’s been a dream of mine to climb the Pikes Peak Incline, the steep, mile-long staircase at high elevation. I was glad to have scratched that off my endurance sports “bucket list.” Just as I climbed the last few steps, a voice came out of nowhere, “It’s a false

Missy Franklin: The Cincinnatus of the Olympics (a guest post from Greg Marcus) thumbnail

My favorite character from Latin class was Cincinnatus – he was a farmer who became Dictator to lead the Roman army against invaders, and then returned to his farming life after the war. The fame and glory did not prevent him from continuing to be who he wanted to be, and he willingly gave up almost absolute power to return to a simple life. Cincinnatus was revered as an exemplar of civic virtue, someone willing

The Power of Yes

The Power of Yes thumbnail

“Yes-let’s said Tigger, bouncing a little, even though he had no idea what was to be begun. He liked to be asked to do things, and he liked to be asked to do them first, and he always said “yes,” because it is much more interesting when you do.” -David Benedictus, Return to the Hundred Acre Wood As leaders (or community members, parents, friends), deciding where to spend our physical