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Inspiring Servant Leadership In Kids

Inspiring Servant Leadership In Kids

Simon says, following the leader, being line leader at school, many of the messages we share about leadership are simple: “I’ll tell you what to do, and you do it.” And if we’re feeling particularly cranky, “because mommy (or daddy) says so, that’s why” may even slip through our lips. Hardly examples of servant leadership. We must teach our children early and often about

Children’s Advice For President Obama

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What advice do you have for President Obama?

We’ve been asking kids for their advice for Obama since the election results came in. We asked them to consider… What would you say to the President to help him with his next term? If you were President what would you change? In one word, what is the most important leadership quality for the President? 13 year old producer, Jared Herr, (pictured

Padawan Picnic: Let’s Grow Leadership in Kids thumbnail

There are surprisingly few tools and discussion forums available on leadership for kids. I continue to get requests through my various social media forums. I am not an expert, but I see grown-ups showing up with gaps and blind spots that could have been nurtured earlier. What if we could start talking about leadership sooner in the game? Welcome to the Padawan Picnic. For the next several Saturdays, I will host a