Building a High Performance Culture – Leadership Training Module

Building a high performance culture leadership training module

This Program is Perfect For:

  • New and Experienced Managers,
  • Emerging Leaders

Participants will:

  • Learn how to set, communicate, and reinforce clear expectations
  • Learn tools and techniques for keeping the team focused and working on the most important things
  • Identify the biggest productivity killers and how to overcome them
  • How to build drama-free accountability
  • Build a cadence of accountability and celebration

In this module, your managers will learn tools and techniques for keeping their team focused on what matters most, and eliminate the most common productivity killers.

Your team will identify their vital M.I.T. (most important things) and the specific behaviors that are most critical to success.

They’ll learn tools and techniques for setting, and keeping people focused on clear expectations, building a cadence of accountability and celebration. We’ll also talk about ways to start accountability when you never have before.