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Saturday Salutation: Spirited Warrior

I first really met this spirited warrior, Matt on a (yoga) Mat. Our arms and spirits intertwined as we breathed through warrior poses. That was when I began to understand his powerful and joyful heart and spirit. Oh sure, we had been […]

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5 Ways Leaders Bust Confidence

Leaders work hard to build confidence in their teams. They know that building confident teams and people is vital to success. Confident team members are more creative, communicate more effectively, and take more risks. Plus, it’s easier to delegate to a confident person. […]

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The Reluctant Leader: Why Confidence Matters

Sometimes people find themselves in positions of leadership before their self-confidence has caught up with them, and are reluctant to lead. Helping reluctant leaders to see themselves as the leaders they are, can make them more powerful. Here’s a story of why […]

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Saturday Salutation: The Cairns of Strangers

This week, my husband and I scrambled up the boulders of Mt. of the Holy Cross one of Colorado’s spectacular 14ers.  The trek was a beautiful journey of cairns, challenge and connection. The most tangible beauty came from the dramatic 360 views on this […]

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Leadership, Influence and Self-Deception

In the context of the conversation on “influence,” my friend, Lisa Kohn turned me on to The Arbinger Institute’s work on Leadership and Self-Deception. Not a new book (first published in 2000), but quite useful in this context. The main idea, in […]

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